Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Braid Woven Beanie

This one is really simple.  Begin by dividing the hair right down the middle.  Grab a small section of hair from the front of each side and braid it. 
Now go ahead and pull the rest of the hair into a low braid on each half.  Keep the two small front braid out and slip a woven beanie over the hair.  Now pull your two low braids through holes in the back of your beanie. 
Move back up to the top and thread one of your braids through a Topsy Tail. 
 Now weave that Topsy Tail in and out of the edge of your beanie. 
When you get down to the bottom you can secure it in place with a bobby pin that will be hidden under the beanie. 
 Move over to the opposite side and repeat the same steps. 
 You can add a flower clip on the front of the beanie to finish it off.  It gives a fun new look to wearing a beanie!

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