Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Braided Scarf

We just wanted to be a bit creative today so we decided to try adding a scarf into a normal French Braid. 
This style works best if you start with wet hair.
  Start by sectioning out the top of the hair by creating a part from ear to ear. 
Secure that section with an elastic and then pull your scarf or ribbon through the elastic so that the very middle of the scarf is next to the band. 
Now you'll want to separate the hair from the elastic into 3 strands for your braid.  As you gather sections into the braid you will want to alternate the scarf on top of the added section and underneath the added section.  Make sure you keep it the same for both sides of your scarf. 
When you have added all of the hair into your braid, add in the two pieces of scarf and finish it off with a 5-Strand Braid.  (Using the scarf as the 2 extra strands.) 
 Secure it at the bottom with an elastic and add a hair clip to hide the elastic. 

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