Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Railroad Tracks

Begin by parting the hair in half from ear to ear.  Tie the bottom half into an elastic to get it out of the way.
 Now start over by the left ear and start forming a Dutch Braid.
 I have only added hair to the top/right side of my braid but you can do a regular Dutch Braid and add hair into both sides if you like. 
When you have gathered all of the hair from the top half of the head, finish braiding the hair next to the right ear.  Take the elastic out of the bottom section of hair and repeat the steps.
You should end up with to braids next to the right ear.  Go ahead and cross one braid over the other and then pull the bottoms of the braids back up to the head. 
 Bobby pin them into place and flip the ends of the hair out.  It helps to wet the ends and then curl them over your fingers.
  Now you have your railroad tracks!

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