Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rock Star

My daughter had a "Rock Star" day at school this past week and here is the hairstyle we did.
We've done this faux-hawk style before but we've tweaked it a bit with some faux hair for a fun rock star look.
Start by dividing the hair into 4 parallel sections horizontally across the head.  Gather each section up into it's own ponytail in the very center.  This will give you a row of 4 ponytails. 
Grab some faux-hair clips and clip one underneath each elastic.  Pull the colored hair up through the elastic just to secure it tightly.   
Now you're going to wet each ponytail down really well and Barrel Roll them.  To Barrel Roll you will comb the ponytail straight up into the air and then wrap the ends around your two index fingers.  Now roll your index fingers over each other down towards the scalp.  This will roll the hair nice and evenly for you. 
Secure your Barrel Roll down into the hair with a bobby in on each side creating an "X" inside the roll.
  Do this with your 3 other ponytails as well. 
You will end up with a Mohawk look going down the head.   You want your colors to look more random and not perfectly placed.

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