Monday, May 21, 2012

Hair Flowers

These beautiful Hair Flowers are courtesy of Jenn over at Girly Do's by Jenn and she is absolutely amazing.  The link to her official post for these flowers can be found here and it includes a tutorial video!
we did a simple style for church that incorporated these flowers and this is what it looked like.
First I pulled the bangs back and secured them under the hair, by the nape of the neck.  I then created 3 parallel sections on the top of the head and secured each one with an elastic. 
 My flowers ended up being larger than I had anticipated so I only created flowers out of my two outside sections.   I also added some twisty flower hair pins into the center of each flower.  (Don't forget to click here to see the instructional video on how to create these flowers.)  
We finished off the back of her hair by straightening it and then curling her ends under.
She looked beautiful and everyone loved the flowers.  Thanks Jenn!

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