Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Film: 4 Strand Headband With Flower

My princess came up with the idea for this hairstyle this morning and it's a fairly simple one.  Be sure to start with wet hair and have some small elastics, bobby pins, and hair accessories ready. 
I apologize for my voice, I had just recently gotten over a cold. 
For our finished product I went back and did one more 4 Strand Braid and another flower. 

The 4 Strand Braids do not need to have the "squished" effect but I was just looking for something that wasn't so linear. 
My flowers are different sizes but you can really shape them to be any size you like. 
I left the rest of the hair straight down but you can finish it off any way you like.


Tita said...

Thank you again for another awesome hairstyle, your daughter is adorable and she always looks so nice...!

Unknown said...

i will tell to my Gf about this hairstyle blog thanks a lot

lianne said...

looks really cute!!!!