Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday's Film: Python Piggies

(This is a day early but we are headed out of town for Memorial Weekend and I wanted to get this up for you!)
Here's a fun hairstyle that is not too hard but does take a good 15 minutes to complete.  Start with wet hair and make sure you have a Topsy Tail or similar tool handy. 
You can make your top section that you keep out as big or as small as you like depending on what you want your wraps to look like. 
Here is the finished product.
This angle shows you what the top looks like as you begin to wrap the hair around.
This one also shows the way we created our parts.
Very easy and really cute!


Christy Lube said...

That is awesome! Love it. I'm not sure if any of mine have long enough hair right now, but I may try it anyway.

Julie said...

Try doing just the tops half of the hair and leaving the rest down. That would be beutiful on shorter hair! :)