Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bow Braid

This hairstyle is one that I've been following on Pinterest but could never quite figure out and the AMAZING Mindy over at Cute Girls Hairstyles posted a great video that you can find here.  Full credit goes to her and her perfect instructions that make this braid very "do-able".  She also got some fabulous variations that show the versatility of this braid.  Here's our version:
First we separated the hair directly down the middle of the head and created The Bow Braid out of the left half of the hair.  (The link to the instructional video from Mindy is above.) 
I absolutely love the look of this braid and the idea to it is really quite simple.  It does take some time so plan appropriately.  This hairstyle was supposed to have a Bow Braid on each side but we ran low on time so we came up with this instead. 
We added in the hair from the right side to the bottom of our Bow Braid and swept it over below the right ear.  We did this by doing a Half-French Braid and only adding in hair to the top half. 
We finished it off with a Regular 3-Strand Braid and secured it with an elastic and a little flip at the bottom.  
Remember to check out Mindy's fun variations because she's got some great ideas!


MommyOntheEdge said...

I've been trying to figure this out my head. I haven't actually physically tried yet. Thanks for the great video link, now I can actually just do it :D Why re-invent the wheel ya know? My daughter is loving the fact that Pinterest exists and I've been sending her to school w/ all these great hairstyles. Love your blog btw.

Julie said...

Thanks so much! Pinterest is so awesome! I love it and I'm so glad this hairstyle will work for you!