Monday, March 26, 2012

Perfect Picture Hair

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My princess had her class pictures at school the other day and she and I had to come up with a style that would look nice for the photo.  Typically you want to try to have the hair down in a picture because it tends to photograph better than if it is pulled back.  This is what we came up with:
It shows the pretty length of the hair without being too over-bearing.
First of all we took a Waver Iron and put the waves throughout her hair.  I use my original Boss waver from the late 80's but the new ones with the 3 rolls work great too.  We added the waves because it give a soft look to the hair and seems to photograph well. 
Next, we placed the faux hair headband that we purchased at Sally Beauty Supply in her hair.  (These come in several different hair colors.)  I love this thing because it looks like I've put in a lot of work but it's just a headband that slides on and off.  I did make sure to secure the headband so that it wouldn't slip and you can see how I did that in a previous post found here.
And finally we added some hair pins that matched her outfit to complete the look.  Pretty simple but beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter really is beautiful. Even in her face, you can tell she's a sweet soul. On a similar note, I always love how she's dressed. Where do you find clothing for Abi?

Julie said...

oh thank you, what a sweet comment! She's my only girl so I have fun dressing her up. I get some great finds at The Children's Place and Old Navy. :)