Monday, March 19, 2012

2-Minute Updo

I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest and wanted to try it on my princess.  It looked so simple and it definitely was!  I thought I would post it for any of you that may not be on Pinterest but are still looking for a fast and beautiful hairstyle.
Start by pulling all of the hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.  We've also create a small off-centered part at the front of the hair but that is totally optional. 
Now create a regular Pull-Through with the ponytail by using your Topsy Tail or by just poking your fingers up through the hair behind the elastic, grabbing your ponytail and pulling it all back through that space. 
The hair should now look twisted on each side above the elastic and have a ponytail hanging below the elastic.  Now, starting at the bottom of your ponytail, grab all the hair and start rolling it up into the head.  (I always refer to this as a Barrel Roll.) 
It will roll up right over your previous twists and into the head where you are going to bobby pin it into place.  Add a fun hair clip to it if you'd like and you're finished.  It takes less than two minutes and it will look beautiful all day long!

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Kim Simon said...

good updo hairstyle which is possible within very short time. . .

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