Monday, March 5, 2012

Combined Braid Bun

This is a fairly simple idea but it's fun to add a little twist onto it.
I've started by creating two separate sides to work with. 
 I began on the larger of the two sides and created a Half-French Braid by only gathering hair into my bottom strand of the braid. 
 I continued this braid around the back of the head and just past the middle point.  I then continued plating my braid without adding any hair in and had my princess hold that braid while I moved to the other side. 
I did another Half-French Braid and gathered all the remaining hair that was down.  Once that hair was gathered I finished plating that braid as well.  I took both of my braids and twisted them around each other and bobby pinned them into place. 
 I had some loose strands hanging out over my braid bun so I curled those and let them fall loosely over the bun. 
I added some flower hair pins to finish it off. 

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Caitríona said...

lovely :)