Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dance Do

I've done several dance hair styles before but this one has a bit of a different twist on it so I thought I would post just in case any of you have little dancers out there and are stumped on hairstyle ideas.  Make sure you begin this style with wet hair for better hold. 
I started by sectioning out the bang area on the front of head and creating a Dutch Braid.  (A Dutch Braid is basically a French Braid but you have your plates go underneath instead of over the top.)
I did not have the Dutch Braid go all the way down to the ear but rather just to the end of the bang line and then I just finished plating the hair I had gathered into a Regular 3-Strand Braid. 
I secured that braid at the end with an elastic and then set it aside for a minute. 
Pull the remaining hair tightly back into a ponytail.  You can make the ponytail high or low depending on the look you are going for.  We've place this one right over the crown of the head.
Now go ahead and create a Barrel Roll from the hair used in your ponytail.  You can find a video tutorial for the Barrel Roll here.
Once your Barrel Roll is completed you can bring your original braid down around the back of the bun and tuck the ends underneath.  Use bobby pins to secure it into place and then give it a good spray with hairspray to ensure hold throughout the dance performance.  At this point you can spray the hairstyle with craft spray glitter as well if you want that sparkly look.  We usually do this but did not have any glitter on hand at this time.  Add some fun hair accessories if you like as well. 
This hairstyle holds very tightly and is perfect for keeping that hair out of the face while your princess is dancing! 


Anonymous said...

I love doing dutchbraids at the bangs, i did it a lot for school.
Oh and also i really like your daughter's bow and costume!(: what sort of dance did she perform??

Julie said...

She did a Jazz routine this time but she also does tap and ballet and seems to really enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

How did you make that bun? Does that kind have a name?