Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Film: French Braid

We've gotten many requests for a video tutorial on how to create a French Braid.  I figured I better post this one as soon as possible because it's a standard that we use in a lot of our hairstyles here at Princess Piggies.  Hopefully the video will help and give you some tips to make it easier for you!
Pulling it back from ear to ear is a good tip for you beginner braiders.  This will help give you a good chunk of hair to work with.
Also, if you're a fan of the HUNGER GAMES movie, here are some French Braid hairstyles that we've done in the past that appear on the movie:

These are our Low Frenchies as worn by Prim.  The only difference is that hers are not combined at the bottom.   

This is our Slanted style that seems to be getting more and more popular thanks to the movie. 


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a french braid done your way with pulling in both sides before you plait! Where were you when I was learning? That is such a great way to learn! Thank you for all of your time you put into making GREAT hairstyle videos/tutorials! There are tons of hair blogs out there, but you have a rare talent and are by far my favorite. My dd and I are so greatful.

Julie said...

oh good! I'm so glad it was helpful and you are so sweet!