Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Film: Rosette Headband

Here is a beautiful hairstyle that only takes a few minutes to complete.  It is perfect for Picture Day at school or any other occasion. 
This is also a great style for adults as well. 
We call this our Rosette Headband.  If you have ever made a fabric Rosette Headband, it is exactly the same except we use bobby pins instead of glue.  . 
You can really use any color of stretchy band because it will mostly be concealed.
Don't forget to be twisting your Rosettes so that they lie flat instead up perked up like a regular bun.
You can leave the hair down straight or curly.  We've used a waver and it turned out really nicely.
You can choose to do as many Rosettes as you like across the head.  This would also be pretty going around the back of the head!   
We detailed our Rosettes a bit by adding some crystal hair embellishments that we found at Sally Beauty Supply.  They just twist right down into the center of the Rosette.

Here's a style that we've done previously using the same concept and we called this one the Rose Headband and you can find instructions for that here.


Melly, Yaya's Mom! said...

This style is so pretty and elegant!

Caitríona said...

gorgeous :) it's funny to see how grown up your daughter has got even in the year since that other post!

Julie said...

She just seems to want to keep growing - even though I keep telling her to stop! :)

Shannon VanLuchem said...

I love your blog I was never good at hair and I have 2 daughters so this is awesome we've done so many hair styles that you have were going to do this one today