Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Rose Bowl

This hairstyle is a variation of the Angel Halo that we did a while back.
Start by dividing the hair in the front a little off-centered.  Start with the larger side and grab a section of hair from the top and divide it into two pieces. 
Now you're going to create a French Twist by pulling the outside piece over the top of the inside piece.  Now gather a bit of hair to add into each piece and repeat the motion.  Always make sure the outside goes over the top of the inside.  Continue your French Twist down to the nape of the neck and then hold it in place with a claw clip. 
 Move to the opposite side and begin by gathering two pieces and pulling the outside over the inside piece.  Just continue that motion, adding hair in each time until you get down to the nape of the neck. 
 Combine the two French Twists with an elastic.  This is where you can finish it off however you like.  We've done a 5-Strand Braid here because it's my princess's favorite but it also looks beautiful with wavy curls or ringlets. 
Now we've dressed it up a bit with some rosettes that we just found in the craft section at Walmart and glued to some hair pins.  You can place them wherever you like and they add a pretty little touch.


Beth said...

I love the way this looks. Perfect for Christmas!

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