Monday, December 6, 2010

Line Upon Line...

This was one of those hairstyles that just kind of happened one morning.  We got tons of compliments on it so I thought I would post it. 
Begin with very wet hair and slick it all straight back.
 Now grab a section from above each ear and twist it back to the middle of the head. 
Pull one twist over the other and grab two small sections of hair to add the twists to for hold.  Secure them with elastics. 
Comb the hair down flat and grab another two sections of hair from each side of the head.  Repeat the same steps as before. 
 Do this one more time with two final sections of hair.  You'll want to divide the remaining hair into two sections and add each of your twists to a section to create two final piggies.  Spray it with hairspray and add some clips and you're all done.  :)

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