Sunday, December 5, 2010


I apologize for not posting in the past few days.  I've only had my laptop and all of our hairstyles are on the home computer.  I'm back now though so let the posting resume.  :)
This hairstyle is called "Scribbling" because there is really no rhyme or reason to it and it kind of looks like the lines my toddler draws all over his paper. 
You will want the hair to be pretty wet while you do this hairstyle.  Begin by making a large circular part around the head so that about 2 inches of hair is left our all along the perimeter of the head.  Pull the rest of the hair in the middle up into a tight ponytail. 
Now separate that hair around the perimeter into 10 equal section, being sure to place one section in the middle at the top and bottom of the head.  Secure each section with and elastic and create a Pull-Through.
Start with the Pull-Throughs on the top of the head and divide them into two pieces.  Twist each piece up and pull it down to one of the bottom Pull-Throughs and add it in with a small elastic. 
Do this for each of the 5 Pull-Through on the top half of the head.  You do not need to have any pattern with how or where you attach your pieces as long as they are somehow going across the head and being added into another Pull-Through with an elastic.  
These ones here are going every which way and create the look of "Scribbling".
When you have finished with the top half, move down to the bottom Pull-Throughs and simply twist them up and add them into the center ponytail.  You can make your ponytail into a Ballerina Bun, a Messy Bun, or a large Barrel Roll Bun like we've done here.  

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