Wednesday, December 8, 2010

French 5-Strands

I've been wanting to try a French 5-Strand braid for a while now and finally had the time to sit and try it the other day.  It's actually a really fun braid - once you figure out your fingers. :)
Start by parting out a small section of hair in the front of the head and creating a small Pull-Through. 
This step is just to add a bit of flair but is not necessary for the hairstyle.
Now part the remaining hair straight down the middle. 
Begin with the side that has the Pull-Through entering in and tie off the other side with an elastic.  Section out some hair from the ear up to the part and include the Pull-Through in that. 
Now divide the section into 5 strands and begin your braid.  Click here if you are unsure how to a 5-Strand Braid.  To make it "French" simply add in some hair to the outside strand each time you plate the braid. 
Once you have added all the hair in, just continue your 5-Strand Braid down to the bottom of the hair and secure with an elastic. 
 Pull the other half of your hair down and section some out from the ear up to the part to begin your braid. 
 Once both of your braids are completed you can add some hair clips to finish off the bottoms.  We are snow-deprived here so my princess was really excited about her new snowflake clips. 


Beth said...

Did you make those clips? They are super adorable (so is the hair style). My daughter has decided she like the bows we buy instead of the much nicer, much better put together bows I've made. Maybe I'll have to teach her to make bows so she'll actually wear the homemade (much cuter!) bows. Thanks for all the hair posts you do, they are really cute and inspiring.

Julie said...

oh you are so sweet. These are some clips that we made. My daughter loves thinking of ideas for clips and sometimes we can pull them off with ribbon. :) I'll be posting a bunch of Christmas ones we've done in a little while.

Shawn said...

Can you post instructions for the snowflake bows? They are awesome!!!

misakay said...

I just love all the cute clips you design!! Would you be interested in selling any? Those snowflake clips are to die for!!

Julie said...

instructions for the snowflakes are up! I have never thought of selling them because I never really consider them "professionally made" :) If someone did want to buy them, I would certainly be willing to make some though.

misakay said...

I am VERY willing to buy them!! What would you charge and could I possibly get them before Christmas?

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I would do $5 per clip and I could make them within a couple days and have them to you. I leave town Saturday so they'd be out before then. I'd also do shipping at $2. If you're interested you can contact me at juliemorton-at-gmail-dot-com. (Sorry, I spell it out so I don't get spammed.) :)