Thursday, August 5, 2010

Side Swiped

This is a VERY easy hairstyle but it has a different look than a lot of the others. You're going to have the best luck if you wet the hair down completely first. Gather a section of hair from the front of the head and pull it into a small ponytail off to the right side of the head. Now brush the rest of the hair completely straight down. Grab two small sections from each side of the head, right at the hair line. Pull it together and combine it with an elastic directly over the first ponytail hair. (Make sure you don't combine the original ponytail with the new ponytail. Now the same thing again with sections of hair just below the previous ones. Again, combine them into a ponytail, making sure not to add in any hair from the previous ponies. Do this process one last time at the base of the head and then grab all of the hair together for a side braid. I've added some brown velvet flowers glued to hair pins over each of the elastics to make it a bit more elegant for church but it's totally optional.

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