Thursday, August 5, 2010

Combination Piggies

Start by parting the hair in any style you like down the middle of the head. My sister-in-law affectionately calls this part the "Butt Crack Part". :) Pull each side into a ponytail with an elastic. Take a small portion of hair from the back of each ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Use your Topsy Tail to pull the excess hair through the elastic on the ponytail so that the wrap will hold tight. You can make your piggies into any combination you like - using any types of braids or twists that you like. Just make sure each section is finished of with an elastic. Here I've started with one Pull-Through section on top. (Place an elastic about 1 inch down from the ponytail elastic and then pull the hair through that section with your Topsy Tail.) Our second section is a regular braid. The final section is three individual braids. It looks the best when you can keep your sections uniform on each side. Now add your hair accessories wherever you like and your finished.

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