Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Backside

My daughter thinks it's hilarious that we're calling this "The Backside" because that usually means something else at our house. All the design to this hairstyle will be on the backside so we decided the name was fitting. :) Start by sectioning out a portion of hair at the bottom of the head. Tie all the rest of the hair out of the way. Now divide that section into two equal parts and tie each part off with an elastic. Make another part parallel to the original part but about 2 inches above it. Now separate that section into three equal parts and tie them off with elastics. Go back down to the two bottom elastics and separate the small ponytails into two pieces. Take one piece each to the outside elastics on the upper section and add those in with another elastic. (Do not add any hair into the upper-middle elastic.)
Take the rest of the hair on top of the head and part it down the middle. Pull each side into a ponytail, making sure to include the elastic from the same side below. Also, separate the middle elastic into two sections and pull those to each side. You should now have two large piggies on each side. You can finish them off however you like but we've done Messy Buns here. Add some fun hair accessories and you're finished.


Anonymous said...

have you tried inverted ponytail to upwards to hide the little rubber band?

Julie said...

That would look great as well!