Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeling Groovy

I wasn't around for the 60's but I love the hairstyles. My daughter was "feeling groovy" on this particular morning so we decided to go a little hippie. Grab a small section of hair from one side of the head, just above the eyebrow line. (Make sure you don't grab your section from the front of the hair because you don't want to show. Gather it from about and inch behind the hairline.) You'll want to braid that small section as far down as you can. We chose to do a 5-Strand Braid because it is a little wider than your normal braid. Once you've finished braiding, pull it across the forehead and tuck it under the hair on the opposite side of the head. Attach the braid to the hair with bobby pins - making sure to make and "X" with the bobby pins for the best hold. Now separate the rest of the hair into two halves and pull them down into Indian Braids. Secure the ends with elastics and add hair accessories as you like. I've just glued some little white ribbon flowers to hair pins and tucked them into the braids. I thought it gave it more of a "Flower Power" look. :)

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