Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock Star

My daughter decided that she wanted to have a "Rock Star" party for her birthday this year.
  I instantly knew what she was going to wear and how her hair was going to be done.  She has a bunch of fun faux hair clips that we picked up at Sally's a few months back.  (I didn't know if we'd use them much but she LOVES them!) 
We started by parting the hair and then clipping the fake hair to the front of the head .  I then twisted a small bit of hair around each of them to hide the clips. 
I continued twisting the hair until it met right over the part and I connected the two sides with an elastic, then covered the elastic with a small claw clip. 
 No she doesn't really have a tattoo and three earrings.  :)
Then I pulled each side into an Indian Braid - making sure to include the faux hair. 
I tried to get a little bit of faux hair in each of the strands of the braid.  Both braids looked a bit different but still similar. 
We finished it off with some glitter spray and some Rock Star bows.

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