Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Count the Corkscrews

I love doing Corkscrews in my daughter's hair because their really fast and look pretty. A Corkscrew is a basic twist but you must make sure tht you twist the two pieces one direction and then wrap them together the opposite direction.  This helps the Corkscrew hold better than a regular twist.
Start by parting the top of the hair about 3 inches back. 
Take each side of the part and create a Corkscrew, making sure to start it without an elastic.
 When both Corkscrews are long enough to reach the back of the head, tie them together with an elastic. Make another Corkscrew out of the hair from that last elastic.
When you get to the nape of the neck, combine all of the hair into an elastic. From here you are going to make a Hawser Braid, which is essentially two Corkscrews twisted together. The hairstyle is as simple as that!

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