Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Squish Braids

You never knew there were so many types of braids did you?! You can use Squish Braids in practically any style and here we've just added them to some piggies for church. First section out the hair that you want to braid and just create a traditional 3-strand braid but make sure that it's a bit loose. (This works best when the hair is damp.) When you're at the end of your braid, hold the middle strand and simple "squish" the other two strand up towards the scalp. You can spread out the squish to however tight or loose you would like it. Now just add those braids with the rest of the hair to make your piggies on both sides. We went ahead and made Hawser Braids in her piggies. Hawser Braids are essentially two Corksrews twisted together. A quick spray and she's all ready for church!

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