Monday, June 7, 2010

Dutch Braids

These are called "Dutch Braids", "Reverse Braids" or "Inverted Braids". I call the Dutch Braids because I'm Dutch and I like the name. :) First, part the hair and make two sections.Basically you are going to do the same thing as a French Braid but you're going to have you're fingers braiding opposite of what they normally would do. i.e. if you're going over then under, you will instead go under then over. I hope that makes sense. I had just finished making these Boutique Bows so I was excited to have a hairstyle that she could wear them with. The plan was to weave some thin ribbon through the braids but we ran out of time before church so that will have to wait until another time. :)

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Unknown said...

Ur a genius julie.......waiting for ur return