Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Perfect Bun

There are so many different ways to make a bun and there are so many different types of buns. This one is the favorite in our house and here are some things you might need: A hair accessory - A faux-hair elastic - A bun mold. You can pull all the hair straight back into a ponytail or you can do a little design in the front like I have here with the small French Braid. If you do this, make sure you gather the braid in with the rest of the hair to create a ponytail. Slip the ponytail through the bun mold, then separate the hair evenly over the mold. Secure it with another elastic. Take the excess hair that is still left out and wrap it around the bun. I've separated the hair here and made two braids to wrap around. Secure everything down with bobby pins. You can give it all a different look by adding a faux-hair elastic around the bun. My princess had to have her tiara so she put it in later that day after she had gone swimming - and yes, the hair totally held up in the pool!

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