Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puffy Braids

These actually aren't real "braids" but I've always known them to be called Puffy Braids. Start by separating the hair into two sides. We did a zig-zag part here but you can use any part. Next you're going to section out an equal portion on each side and secure it with a colored elastic of your choice. Section out a second bit of hair on each side, add in the first small ponytail and secure it all with another elastic. You can make your sections as far apart or close together as you like. Just continue down the scalp sectioning out hair and securing it with an elastic. When you get to the bottom you can choose to continue wrapping elastics around the hair like I've done or you can just leave the ponytails hanging. Her elastics perfectly matched her shirt because it's important to accessorize wherever possible. j/k :)

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