Monday, June 28, 2010

Corset Lacing

This one involves Dutch Braids and I'm horrible at them so please excuse the messiness of these braids. They're just inverted French Braids but my fingers get confused and I definitely need more practice with them. You'll want to start with a straight part down the middle. (The lacing will cover the part so it really doesn't need to be anything fancy.) Separate the hair and create a Dutch Braid on each side. You'll want to choose your color of ribbon and grab a "yarn" needle. (They are thick and plastic and are usually found by all the yarn in the craft areas.) Thread the needle with the ribbon and begin lacing at the front of the head. Now learn from my mistake and make sure that you're threading is even on both sides so that the strands of ribbon cross over each other right above the part. My ribbons got a bit off at times and I wish I'd been more careful about that. (Oh well, now I know for next time.) The stitches are made by taking the needle through one of the braid plates on each side and then alternating the ribbon on each side. You want it to look like you're lacing a corset - hence then name. :) I stitched all the way down through her braid just to give it a finished look. You can use as many colored ribbons as you want and be creative with it.

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