Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Film: 7-Strand Sennit Braid

I was on Pinterest and  cam across this cool tutorial for rope braiding and this one is called a Sennit Braid.  you can find that original pin here.   I pinned it thinking it would be awesome to make a hair accessory or jewelry but then got to thinking that it could probably be used for a hairstyle as well.  
I did a bit of re-configuring with the strand and came up with this 7-Strand Sennit Braid:
Hopefully the video was able to explain it well for you.  As always, practice makes perfect with this braid.  
Here is what it looks like totally complete.  You can see that it looks like 2 side-by-side braids.  We have a couple other versions of 7-Strand Braids as well and I've listed those below with links to their original posts.  Just click on the name and it will take you over.


Jill said...

Seriously freakin' cool!

Celine's Mum said...

Soooo beautiful! You are so talented and your daughter's hair is gorgeous. Plus, she's such a patient little girl :-)

Unique Hair said...

Beautiful! Where do you get all your ideas from? I know when I was little my mom had a hairstyle book (that's before computers were popular) but the hairstyles in the book were nothing like yours!