Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Film: French Knot

This is a style that we kind of came up with on the spot this morning and decided that it would be a great video to share because it's an easier way to create a French Braid type of style.  
I apologize for the messiness of some of the video, my princess has extremely long hair and sometimes it looks super tangled.
 The hairstyle itself is really beautiful and it's nice because it's one that you can do on yourself as well.  (Not too many strands to keep track of.)
This shows the top of the braid and what it looks like as it gets started.
The bottom side of the French Knot tucks under while the top side tucks over and inside.  
We did our braid on an angle so that it ended as a side ponytail but the orientation of your French Knot is totally up to you.  
We added a flower clip to conceal our elastic on the side and that finished it off nicely.   


woopskiwoo said...

I have two girls age 11 and 9 your new idea is going to be put to good use :) thanks

Anonymous said...