Monday, September 24, 2012

Royal Crown

Here's a style that's fun for any day.  You will want to make sure that you have a bun mold or rolled sock handy to help create your bun.  
Begin by pulling all of the hair back into a ponytail.  You can position your ponytail high or low on the back of the head.  It would be really cute up high if you were using it as an actual crown.  Now you have a choice of breaking up your ponytail at this point and creating several small braids out of it, or moving on like we did.
  We went ahead and pulled our un-braided ponytail through the bun mold and the created our smaller braids at this point.  Either way will work.  (Tip:  You only need to plait your braids down far enough to cover your mold - the rest of the hair can be left loose.)  
Create as many small braids as you like and have them spread out around your bun mold.  We have 9 braids on ours.  Once you have spread the braids around the mold you will secure them with another elastic that goes over the braids and the mold to hold everything into place. 
 You should now have the remaining hair hanging outside your bun.  (Remember that this hair should not be braided.) Break that hair up into about three groups and plait three individual braids out of it.  Wrap those braids around the base of your bun and secure them into place with bobby pins.  This creates the bottom of your crown.  Pretty simple and cute! 


Mae & Sam said...

wow! this is amazing. it really looked like the Royal Crown of England! very creative of you. too bad i can't do this to my daughter's hair because her hair is not that long yet. good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Your blog is amazing. Congratulations on all your creations.