Monday, July 2, 2012

Pull-Through Crown

This is a style that we will be using over and over again because I love the look of it and it holds all day long. 
You have to start this style by first creating the Butterfly Wing style found here.  Make only three butterfly wings instead of gathering all the hair as done in the original post.  Once you have your three rows of butterfly wings you are ready to move on. 
Begin on the left side of the head and grab a small section of hair just below the bottom twist and right next to the ear.  Comb it smooth and then feed it through the hoop of your Topsy Tail.  Feed the Topsy Tail over the top of the twists and then down behid the back and pull it through. 
This is essentially creating a Pull-Through right over the Butterfly Wings.  Grab another small section of hair right next to your first and repeat the steps.  Do this all the way along that left side until you have come to your elastics in the middle.  (You can use as many sections of hair to create Pull-Throughs as you would like - they can be small or large, it really doesn't matter.) 
Now move over to the right side and repeat the same steps.  Once you have finished that you can complete the style by pulling the middle ponytail over the elastics in one final Pull-Through.  Pull that last one just tight enough to conceal the elastics but not to flip completely through.
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