Monday, April 23, 2012

Butterfly Wings

My princess named this the Butterfly Wings because of the pretty shape that is created on the back of the head.  This hairstyle is great because it can work for an adult, a tween, or a young girl.  You will have the best results if you start with wet hair. 
Create a 2 inch part at the front of the head.  This can be placed wherever you like but we've done ours a little off-center. 
Now section out a piece of hair on each side of your part that go from the part down to the ear.  Have your princess hold those two sections while you smooth the rest of the hair back.  Twist those two sections tightly.  (You want to make sure that you are having the twists roll in toward the head - i.e. the right side will be twisting counter clockwise and the left side will be twisting clockwise.)  Pull both twist to the back of the head and secure them together with a small clear elastic.  Smooth out the hair below the elastic. 
 Now grab another small section of hair on each side just directly below those first twists.  Twist those two sections in the same direction as you did before and have them combine in the back of the head with an elastic. 
 Now make sure that you combine those new twists just below your first elastic.   DO NOT add in the hair from your previous twists.  You want your new elastic to lie over the top of that hair. 
Continue twisting new sections of hair from each side of the head and combining them in the back with elastics.  Once all of the hair from the scalp has been gathered, you are finished!


Unknown said...

Oh, I love this!! I think I only have 1 with long enough hair right now, gonna have to see if she'll let me try it :D

Shannon said...

What a great idea! I did it on my daughter's hair this morning. It turned out very cute.

LK said...


Anonymous said...

Love this style. Suggested twist: Instead of twisting the sections of hair, braid them instead, and then join them together into one thick braid instead of the ponytail.