Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This is not really a "princess" hairstyle but my two oldest boys were so excited about their new Mohawks that they wanted me to post about it on the blog.  :)
They were both in desperate need of a haircut and I told them they could choose how they wanted it until school started. 
They both chose a Mohawk hairstyle and I agreed just because I know I have the power to change it back before school. 
I first used a rat-tail comb and sectioned out the Mohawk area and then I used TONS of gel and shaped it how I wanted it to look. 
Then I just grabbed the shaver with a #3 attachment on it and went to work shaving the sides. 
The younger one pictured here decide that it was too high maintenance of a hairstyle for him so he now just has a short buzz but my other son absolutely LOVES his Mohawk.  We ended up eventually shaving the back part off so that just the top was spiky because the back was always getting mashed in the car anyway.  It looks much better now.  :) 
Boys will be boys!

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