Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Film: Tied Updo

Thanks for being patient while we were on vacation for a couple weeks.  We had a fabulous time in Hawaii and I wanted to share this picture of a French Braid that we found in Oahu:
 They have taken individual palm fronds and wrapped them around the stems of the trees and French Braided them. 
 They did a pretty good job don't you think?!

The hairstyle we've decided to share today is called the Tied Updo and it's simple yet beautiful.  The original inspiration for this hairstyle can be found on my Pinterest board here.

My princess has such dark hair when it is wet but hopefully you are still able to follow the instructions.
Here is a picture of the finished product.  Cute huh!
I wish that our puff was a bit bigger which would be an advantage to working with dry hair. 
You can use as many bobby pins as you need when securing your bow. 
Good luck and remember that practice makes perfect!

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