Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magic Wand

Today we have a really easy style that you can take pieces of to dress up any average ponytail.  First you will want to pull all of the hair back into a ponytail.  It can be low or high - doesn't really matter.
  Now grab a Topsy Tail and divide the ponytail into 3 equal parts, 1 in the top middle and two on the sides.  Begin with that top middle piece and feed it through the loop of your Topsy Tail.  Poke the tool down behind the elastic and pull the hair through.  Hold on to a bit of the hair that is closest to your elastic so that is does not get pulled all the way through with the rest of that section.  This will create a little bump right at the top of your elastic. 
Now take one of your side sections and repeat the steps, just making sure that you feed your Topsy Tail sideways behind the elastic.  Take your final piece and create your last side bump.  Now you will have three sections of hair coming out of the ponytail, behind the elastic. 
You can stop at this point and curl the ends if the hair is not too long.  For the longer hair you can use the three sections to create a Regular 3-Strand Braid. 
The braid will be the stick of the wand and the puffs above will be the top.  You could even jazz it up with some spray glitter if you wanted to.  :)


Chantal Leblanc said...

that looks great!!! definately gonna try that on my little princess!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has been watching a lot of Avatar- The last air bender ans she has been begging me to do a "Katara" hair style. I have tried and tried to get a cylindrical rolled bun look on top of her braid without much luck. This looks like it might work. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!