Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diagonal French 5-Strand

For Easter this year my princess decided on the hairstyle that she wanted.
(Please excuse the loose strands of hair - it was a VERY windy day and I didn't take pictures until after they had been outside hunting Easter eggs for a while.)  :)
 She loves 5-Strand Braids so she chose this Diagonal French 5-Strand.
We've done these French 5-Strands before and you can click here to see that original post but this one was just a bit different.
We started on the left side of her head by gathering a small area of hair that was divided equally into 5 strands.  (You will want to know how to create a 5-Strand Braid before attempting the French version and we do have a tutorial video here.
We worked our way from the top left part of the head down to the bottom right part of the head, gathering new sections of hair into only the two outside strand of the braid each time it was plated.
When all of the hair was gathered we finished plating the rest of the hair without adding strands in.  An elastic was placed at the bottom of that braid to secure it and then we tucked that end up underneath the French part of our braid and bobby pinned it into place. 
We added some hair pins that matched her dress and she was all set for Easter Sunday.


LK said...

Oh WOW that's so pretty! Never wanted to do a 5 strand braid but having seen this I think I'm going to have to give it a go!!

Celine's Mum said...

Absolutely STUNNING, but I can't do it. Any chance we'll get a video? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

How did you do that?? No comprehension possible, so amazing!