Monday, April 30, 2012

Messy Braids

You've all heard of Messy Buns but here are some Messy Braids. 
These are very simple and need to be done with dry hair.  Simply braid the hair with Regular 3 Strand Braids and make sure to plait just past the halfway point and then secure it with an elastic so that the rest is still loose. 
 Now slowly start pulling those plaits loose - working from the bottom plaits up toward the top plaits.  They should not look even and should look more disheveled and messy. 
 Most of the hair that was previously left loose under your elastic will be pulled back up into the braid as you play with it but make sure to leave enough hair beneath the elastic so that the braid does not com apart. 
You will notice that the braid really fattens up when doing this process and actually has a really pretty look to it.

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