Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Film: French Fish Bone

We had a request for a tutorial on the French Fish Bone Braid.  This is a VERY simple braid but is so pretty. 
This braid also created some pretty waves for the following day!
These are the Scunci "Evolution" bands that I bought and used in this video.  I absolutely love them because there's no twisting, they come out easily, and they don't rip the hair.  I got mine at Smith's grocery store but I'm sure they can be found all over. 
We also use these Scunci elastics ALL THE TIME and love them because they are made out of the same stretchy material that doesn't fall out or rip the hair when removed.  We grabbed these ones at Walmart and these are our favorites.
We also love these little Goody clear elastic for the smaller piggies because they are STRONG!  We also bought these at Walmart.
Here's a picture of the finished product from today's video.
This is a previous post where we did two of these braids.  You can find that post here.
We've done this technique before with out "Something's Fishy" hairstyle and you can find that original post here.  We just secured our two section into elastics at the end without braiding any further.
 Here is the original post on our regular Fish Bone Braid.  You can see that I have gotten much better at doing them as I've practiced so don't get discouraged if it's not perfect at first.  :)
There is also our "I Wish it was a 'U' Instead of a 'Y'" hairstyle and that original post is here.  This uses two Fish Bones that combine into one.

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Great tutorial! Thanks!!