Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Revisited

I had done a post last year called Halloween Hairdos: Candy Corn and here is a picture of it:
I decided to try revisiting this hairstyle again this year and tweaking it a bit so that it is easier.
I started by pulling the hair half up - from ear to ear - and securing it in an elastic at the back of the head.  Divide the hair below the elastic in half by creating a part directly down the center.  Go ahead and divide your ponytail into two equal parts as well. 
Start by working on the left side and divide that in half horizontally so that it gives you two equal sections on that side.  Combine the left half of your ponytail with that top-left section of hair and secure it with an elastic.  Make sure to pull that new elastic a bit more to the left than your original ponytail but not all the way to the left.  Now combine your most recent ponytail with the bottom-left section of hair and secure it with a new elastic ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT so that you have a triangular shape happening.  I chose to use white orange and yellow elastics but clear will work as well if you don't have the colors.  Go ahead and repeat those steps on the right half of the head. 
 I also finished off the ponytails by alternating the white yellow and orange elastics all the way down to the ends of the hair but this is optional.  Now grab some ribbons and a plastic yarn needle.  Start with white on the top and begin with a bow right over the main elastic.  Now continue wrapping the ribbon around the hair until you get to the next elastic.  At this point you will cut off any excess white ribbon and tuck the ends into the elastics.  Grab your orange ribbon and tie a large bow which you will place right over the middle part.  There will be no wrapping with this color but you will tuck your ends into the elastics to secure them.  Your final ribbon will be yellow and you will start again by tying a bow and placing it over the center part.  Now thread your needle and wrap the ribbon through the bottom elastics and the UP the hair and you will tuck your ends into those middle elastics.  (All of your ribbon ends will be secured and tucked into those middle elastics.)  Cut off any excess ribbon and hide the ends inside the hair. 
We finished our hairstyle off by adding some candy corn clips at the bottom of the ponytails since she had a whole candy corn theme going on. :)  (I found the idea for her outfit on Pinterest and I was so happy with how it turned out!  Plus I made it big enough for her to wear again next year!)

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