Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Film: Barrel Roll Braid

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The hairstyle today is called the "Barrel Roll Braid" and it's an easy updo. 
 I've included a video but have only showed the basic steps on the video because it would have been too long to film from start to finish. 
Begin by pulling the top part of the hair - from ear to ear - into an elastic.
Also, in these final pictures I divided the starting ponytail into 3 Barrel Rolls and the film only shows 2. 
(Hopefully we're slowly figuring out our lighting issues.)
Here's a side view for you.
You can see how I just rolled the last strands of hair up into the braid itself instead of to the side.
The updo was beautiful for the first part of the day and we were left with some gorgeous loose curls for the rest of the evening.


Brooke said...

The lighting looks great! Sorry you've had to work so hard on the videos. It's still appreciated and if I were still on FB I would absolutely be 'like'ing you. Thanks for another neat hairstyle idea!

p.s. One of these days you should film a video tutorial of the hair clips you make, especially the ones you hook to bobby pins! Would love it.

Julie said...

great idea Brooke! I will do it!