Monday, June 4, 2012

Side Braid Bun

This is not a new hairstyle by any means but it is the first time we have ever done it.  You only need to know how to do a basic French Braid (We have a video for that here ) and all you need is one elastic, some bobby pins, and a flower clip.  This hairstyle actually looked a bit better when it was done with dry hair but we did use extra hairspray when doing it dry so that we didn't end up with a ton of fly-aways.
We started by creating an off-centered part at the front of the head that was about 2 inches long.  We started on the smaller side of the part and grabbed a section of hair that was divided into 3 equal sections.
This is where you will begin your French Braid.  Just make sure that your Braid goes across the back of the head rather than down the head.   
Work your way around to the other side of the head and gather in the remaining hair.  Once it's all been added in, finish plaiting the braid with just a Regular 3-Strand and then secure it at the bottom with an elastic. 
Wrap that 3-Strand Braid around itself and secure it against the head with bobby pins.  Make sure that you have all of your ends tucked under the bun so they won't show.  Add a flower clip to the front of the bun and it's finished. 

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