Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Film: Double Stack

*Just a note that we will be taking a vacation for a couple of weeks so we will not have any new posts during that time.  We will be posting after that though so keep checking in!*  :)

We've called this style the Double Stack and I actually saw something similar to this on one of the awards shows on television but I have searched everywhere and I can't find the original source.  It's a very easy style but you will need to have two bun molds or rolled socks to accomplish this style.
I told you it was easy!
Here's a picture of the finished product.
You can see that it is taller than a regular bun but has a really elegant look to it. 
We used wet hair when creating this style and didn't have any problem with it holding tightly. 
Remember to really take the time to make sure the hair is spread out evenly over those bun molds so that your finished bun looks really clean. 
Happy Summer and we will see you after vacation!

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