Friday, August 5, 2011

Knotted Crown

My princess came up with the idea for this one and wanted to give it a try.  This hairstyle is easiest with wet hair.  
Start by making a straight part on the top of the head that goes all the way back to the crown.  The part can either be directly in the center of the head or a little off-centered like we've done here. 
 Now section out 3 parallel areas on one side of the part and secure each area into an elastic, giving you 3 parallel ponytails.  Move to the other side of the part and do the same thing.  Now make 3 more vertical sections going around the back that you will also secure into ponytails.  
Start with the back-center ponytail and wrap it around itself then pull it through the middle, creating a knot over the elastic.  
Now move to the adjacent two ponytails and create knots out of them as well.  (I had my princess hold the ends of my knotted ponytails until I secured them so they would not fall out.) 
 Pull the remaining hair from those two knots to the back knot and secure them in with that ponytail - just below the knot - with a tight elastic.  Move up to the next two adjacent ponytails and do the same thing. 
 Finish knotting the rest of the ponytails and adding the remaining hair into the back ponytail as shown here. 
Add some hair clips over the ponytail to hide all of the elastics. 
It turned out pretty cute and she was so proud of her creativity! 

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