Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Film: Bedtime Braids

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Hooray for videos!  This is our first "Friday's Film" and we're excited to get lots more out there for you.  (Make sure you let us know which hairstyles you want to see.)    I must say that I'm not a fan of my voice and my little princess and I are not perfect during our filming but hopefully these videos will help some of you with the hairstyles!  (I also apologize for my fumbling about - I have to say that I do get a bit nervous in front of a camera - guess I better get used to it huh!)
  We had several requests for a video on on our Bedtime Braids that we posted last week so here it is:
We also experimented with making these braids "French".
Here is a picture of what it looks like.
Just make sure you switch which side you do your double wrap on when you move to your other half of hair so that the braids will look even.
When you're done adding in hair you can just finish off the braid with the traditional Bedtime Braid from above.
Here is the video for this one: 
I promise we'll try to get better with the videos and we will for sure have another one next Friday!


Brooke said...

I know how you feel! I hate to hear any recordings of my voice, but I promise you that yours does not sound bad! If I may give a suggestion though (disregaurd if it's unwelcome), try to find a lighter background to film in front of as it is hard to see your daughter's dark hair in front of it.
Cute variations on braids. Thanks!

Julie said...

THanks Brooke! I will do that. I've recorded a couple videos already in front of the dar so excuse those ones but I will film in front of a lighter area for the future ones! (I totally agree with you!)