Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awesome New Tip

I've tried many different ways of organizing our hair supplies and I've posted several of them in my Accessory Organization post. 

Click on the link for some great ideas for your ribbon, small clips, elastics, flowers and other hair supplies.
I've always struggled with organizing headbands.  They are bulky and don't fit in small containers. 
You may remember my post on the Cure for the Headband Headache (instructions are on the link) and this is definitely a great solution but I found that I only had room for two of these containers on the dresser and we had many more headbands that needed a home.  I was browsing my favorite new site, Pinterest, and came across another idea that I had to try:
They are paper towel rolls that I attached to the inside of the bathroom cupboard door.  The original that I saw was attached the wide way but I needed two so I attached mine the long way.
I took an unused roll of paper towel and covered it with some fabric. (Zebra is my princess's favorite)  I stitched the fabric together for the length of the paper towel, placed it over the roll and then just hot glued the two ends in place.  It works perfectly for us and hopefully it will be a helpful idea for you!

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