Monday, August 15, 2011


I found this cool product at the store the other day and had to pick it up to try. 
 It's basically 2 slap bracelets that are sewn together that you place your hair between.  It's actually a fun little gadget.  There are several different hairstyles you can create with this little tool but here is one that we did that took us exactly 1 minute!!!  
 My princess had just jumped out of the shower so here hair was nice and wet and I pulled it all back into a ponytail.  I then flattened out the Hairagami and opened the two pieces.  I placed all of the ponytail between the two pieces and then pulled the Hairagami down to the ends of the ponytail. 
 I rolled the gadget up to the elastic - making sure to spread the hair evenly over the Hairagami as I rolled - and then pressed on it to curl it up. 
You can shape the curled Hairagami anyway you like and we did it in a cinnamon bun fashion. 
 We finished it off by adding a flower clip and we were done. 
It held very tightly throughout the whole day and even gave us some cute curls when we took it out.
  I'm excited to try some new styles with it so I'll post everything we do!

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Jill said...

I got one of those a long time ago in a kit from QVC. One of the cutest styles was made by doing the bun thing with just the top half of the hair, then brush the bottom half up and slide it inside the middle of the top bun so it hangs out the top. Kinda like a hair wrapped ponytail.