Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: French Twist Connection

This hairstyle will be easiest if you first straighten all of the hair.  (Your princess may already have straight hair but my princess needs some help to get her completely straight.)  You can curl the ends too if you like.  
 Grab the middle-bang section from the front of the head and begin twisting it.  Each time you wrap the twist, gather in some new hair and twist again.  Continue gathering hair until you get to the ear and then finish twisting without adding anything in.  Have your princess hold that twist while you move over to the other side of the head and create another small French Twist - ending the addition of any new hair into it once you get to the ear. 
 Twist the remaining hair on that side as well and then combine your two twist together on top of the head with an elastic.  Add a flower clip to hide the elastic and the hairstyle is complete.

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