Monday, July 25, 2011

3-Tiered Braid

Here is a very simple style that can be down in less than 5 minutes for those mornings where you have to get right out the door. 
Start by pulling the hair half up and securing it with an elastic. 
 Now go ahead and make a 3-Strand Braid out of the ponytail but make sure to only plate it 3 times. 
 Now add in another bit of hair to the two outside strands of the braid and plate it another 3 times. 
Finally you will want to add in the last remaining hair to the two outside strand of the braid and then plate the hair all the way to the bottom and secure it with an elastic.  It is a form of a French Braid but it is not meant to be tight.  It should have a bit of a loose look. 
Pretty easy huh!
(You may also notice that my princess has earrings now!  She's very excited about it!)

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